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bodhi 365: An Online Fitness and Nutrition Community

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

bodhi by Anthony Monetti is offering exclusive video content in strength training, bodybuilding, yoga, aerobic conditioning and nutrition education!

Welcome to bodhi 365, an online fitness and nutrition community offering original, exclusive video content produced by bodhi and its members. A curated source of knowledge in strength training, bodybuilding, yoga, aerobic conditioning and nutrition education. As a member you have private access to our video library that allows you to watch, listen and learn at your leisure!

Meal Planning & Nutrition Education

Think diet as a verb; to regulate the food of, especially in order to improve the physical condition. We don’t like to say diet, as in weight loss, because as a society we have been pressured and convinced that there is one secret “DIET” out there that will act as a miracle for weight loss. The cookie cutter approach to weight loss is something of the past, the bodhi meal planning nutrition education video series teaches you to become your own nutritionist.

The bodhi nutrition education series is a formulated program that provides the support and education to help you become your own nutritionist, which is backed by science and of course results. Our Flexible dieting approach will enable you the freedom to eat your favorite foods and still lose weight.


  • Meal planning

  • Creating a healthy plate

  • Flexible dieting

  • Dining out

  • Understanding protein, carbohydrates, fats

  • The science of weight loss


Understanding nutrition can quickly become confusing and often overwhelming, so we’ve created videos to walk you through each step of mastering your metabolism. Learn more about the bodhi meal planning nutrition education series here!

Strength Training Workouts

Based on the fundamentals of physical education, this functional training program is designed to cover all aspects of getting stronger, building muscle and performing like an athlete.

With over 27 years of experience and modern day science, Anthony Monetti and his team have developed success principles in which he and his coaching team educate you on. 

Each week of the month is dedicated to a specific goal with exercises to coincide. Each day is different from the next which all include a metabolic conditioning (cardio training) component.


  • Strength training

  • Muscle building

  • Fat burning

  • Injury Prevention

  • Core Strengthening

  • Yoga/meditation

  • Pilates


As a member, you have access to the full body strength training workouts that have transformed hundreds of lives at bodhi. Also included with your membership is full access to our extensive video library with demonstrations and tutorials explaining each exercise! Learn more about the bodhi strength training program and how it can change your life here!

Body Building Programs

Anthony Monetti’s Physical Education (AMPED) is a structured bodybuilding and fitness training plan designed to illustrate a practical approach to building a lean muscular physique. This 27-week muscle building program includes 45 unique workouts that include a recommended rep, set, and rest time to go along with each exercise.

All AMPED programs are progressive, which means you will constantly increase the weights you lift and continually vary the reps, sets, and duration of workouts. This may also be described as a “non linear approach” which will help avoid plateaus, eliminate boredom, and reduce injury. The AMPED bodybuilding and fitness training program incorporates 3 main principles that remain as the “pillars” to which each workout is built upon; Strength, Hypertrophy (muscle building) and Conditioning (aerobic and anaerobic). Each workout includes a recommended rep, set, and rest time to go along with each exercise.


  • Phase I – Novice/Beginner with less than 1 year of weight training experience

  • Phase II – Intermediate trainee with 1-3 years experience

  • Phase III – Advanced Athlete/Competitive with 3 or more years of serious weight training experience

Practice Yoga

Reduced anxiety, increased energy, mental clarity, and focus are just a few of the benefits of practicing yoga daily. With the bodhi yoga series, you have access to quick, easy to follow yoga flows that can be done right in the comfort of your own home or office. Learn more about the bodhi yoga program and how it can change your life here!

The bodhi365 online community is available for members, please contact us for news and upcoming events!


info@thisisbodhi.com 908.526.2288

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